The Burning Legion


Day 1 Loot from the Inn

Gold = 275 (91gp 6sp each)
2 gems
1 Magic scroll (Shield of Faith)
1 wand (Mage Armor Caster level 2 – 9 charges)
1 scroll non-magic
1 short sword


I was not under the impression that we found the name and location of Asher on the goblins. I wonder if we could come up with something slightly more compelling as to why we were drawn to connect with Asher? Other wise a very nice post.


Yeah, we didn’t spend much time of that. Throw out some ideas on the googlegroups email. maybe mike can find time to write it. lol.


Yup totally. We didn’t find anything on the goblins actually and I think that encounter was actually just for us practice combat on the VT:)


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