The Burning Legion

Loot From the Dungeon and Shack

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2 Hidden Crates of Masterwork Armor and Weapons
2 spell books (6 1st level spells)
great axe 1
leather armor +1
potion of bullstrength x2
potion of invisibility x1
potion of bless x2
3 healing potions (1d8
15 Gems
5 Scrolls
Schlele +1
Studded Leather +1
Staff +1
Longsword +1
Ring of Protection +1
Chain Shirt +1
2 art pieces
2600 Gold Pieces

Day 1

Three weary travelers on their way to nowhere crossed paths on a bridge leading to the small town of Willow Creek While crossing the bridge they are ambushed by a group of (was it goblins?). Working together they defeat the foes. They each realized that their new-found companions were something more than the ragtag travelers they appeared to be. When searching the bodies of the goblins they found a scrap of paper with the address of a nearby inn and the name Asher scribbled on it. Curiosity sparked, and hungry anyway, they decided to go to the inn to investigate further.

Upon arriving at the inn they asked the patrons if they knew of the man named Asher. One person said yes, an exotic woman named C’nan. Strangely enough, she seemed to be expecting them. Perhaps she mistook them for actual qualified adventures. Regardless, she took them into a backroom and handed them a map and a bag of coins. She told the party the map and coins were from Asher and he had instructed them to investigate temple ruins not far from the town.

Two motivated by coin and one by faith, the party decides to take this Asher’s money and see what fortune the ruins hold. Before they can ask anything more to C’nan, the Inn is attacked by mercenaries led by two wizards. It was clear that the aggressors were looking for those with the map. The party is able to defeat the mercenaries and take the wizards (one man and one woman) hostage to a nearby clearing in the forest for interrogation.

The female wizard is lippy and the brash young Myrdyl sticks a sword through her before they can get any information, but the male wizard is forthcoming. Both appeared to be fanatics of some sort, in the service of their Master Tenarus. The male wizard tells them that his master is holed up in some abandoned dungeons of the temple ruins and that there is a small shack not far from the forest clearing that they used as a base of operations.

As dusk approaches, the new-found companions (a religious zealot, a street-thug thief, and a gender ambiguous elven magic user) decide to set up camp for the night.


Day 1 Loot from the Inn

Gold = 275 (91gp 6sp each)
2 gems
1 Magic scroll (Shield of Faith)
1 wand (Mage Armor Caster level 2 – 9 charges)
1 scroll non-magic
1 short sword

The Burning Legion

Season 1

  • Episode 1: Consequence
  • Episode 2: The Dying Light
  • Episode 3: A Thousands Swords

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